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Do you know what size you need?

What about geometry?
Frame angles?
Saddle position?
Stem length?
Or one of the many other things to think about?
Well there's no need to worry when ordering a Brian Rourke made to measure frameset or complete cycle. We will do all the hard work for you, and all completly free of charge. With every bike from us we’ll spend as much time you require to get you the perfect bike. We’ll sort out all the dimesions of your new cycle and even if you are just having a frame we will still be on hand to advise with stem length etc. etc. If you are a returning customer we save all previous frame data going back over 30 years so we can build a replica of your old bikes or perhaps build a mudguard or touring bike based on your race machine. If you’ve got a frame you love already we can take all those measurements and build a new one from those dimensions. 
PRICE LIST 2020 PRICES TO BE ADDED SOON, Please call 07470 513344
953 Road Frame £1625
853 Road Frame £920
853 Frame with thru axle flat mount discs, 34/44mm tapered headtube from £1250
631 Touring/Audax frame/winter frame/ with steel forks From £1100